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Hi, This is Jefree Sujit. I m a Front End Developer, passionate working in front-end technologies and learning new stuffs.

Recent Works

Easy Pool Miner

A web based mining application that allows users to mine into any mining pools directly from browser.

Tired of setting up mining softwares in your computers to mine cryptocurrencies? Ever thought of having a single place to mine any cryptocurrencies you want?

Presenting you the Easy Pool Miner,

which allows you to mine any cryptocurrencies* into any mining pools you want, with just a single click! And best part is you dont have to set up any softwares! Everything is purely online!


Supported Cryptocurrencies

Any Cryptocurrencies that follows CryptoNote Protocol can be mined using this site.

Drive It

Drive It is a cloud-based web application, that allows you to store, retrieve and manage files over the cloud. Drive It is absolutely free to use, at no cost and with no storage limit. Drive It is powered by Node.js and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Drive It strives on file security too. Drive It runs on https with a valid SSL certicate, so no worries about the files you store. Your files will be secure, always.


With Drive It, you will be able to:

With a User friendly Interface,

Tech Involved

Drive It uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

Drive It is powered by following AWS Services:

and few other internal services like VPC, IAM, Certificate manager, etc.. to provide a faster, better and efficient service.

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